Do I Suffer From Fear Of Success? Top Tips To Help You Spot & Overcome It.

How Fear Of Success Can Kill Your Business
And What You Need To Do About It

If you Google the causes of small business failure, it’ll throw answers from the Experts back at you like lack of capital, poor marketing, inadequate management, wrong location, uninspiring products, poor service, etc. The chances are you won’t find FEAR OF SUCCESS listed anywhere as one of the major causes of Small Business failure.

In This post, I will describe many of the symptoms so that you can see if it’s happened – or is happening – to you, and I will also suggest some solutions for you to explore.

The reason I’ve written this blog is because I’ve had this awful experience myself, so my hope is that reading about my journey on this emotional roller coaster will help you with yours.

Fear Of Success. It sounds rather counter-intuitive, doesn’t it?

Success Requires These 2 Beliefs

As a Solo Entrepreneur myself, I’ve never actually heard anyone say they’re afraid of being successful but I have certainly seen the signs of people feeling that fear, and I’ve experienced it myself. And it took me a long time to recognize what it was, so hopefully by relating what I’ve discovered here, I can help you in some way with your own experiences and I’d be very grateful if you could kindly leave a comment at the bottom of this post if you have.

If anyone were to ask you if you genuinely want to make a success out of life or in your own business, you would tell them that you did and there would be no doubt in your mind that you meant it, so what causes this fear and what can you do about it if or when it happens to you?

Here’s what you need to do

  • Recognize the symptoms
  • Identify the reason for the fear
  • Take the necessary personal development steps to put yourself back on track

Symptoms Which Indicate You Have A Fear Of Success

Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset

Here is a list of symptoms of fear of success which are very closely related, and one leads straight into the other. Can you see which apply to you? Maybe all of them do and hopefully when you see it you will be on your way to breaking the mold.

  • You Don’t Set Goals – This is the tell-tale sign that you are deliberately sabotaging yourself because if you have no end game in mind, you’ll never actually get to where you want to be, if you even get started at all. Decide what you want, know WHY you want it and get to work. Form a daily routine and it can take as little as 21 days to become a habit which you’ll then do on auto-pilot!
  • You Procrastinate – Well, actually you confuse fear of success with procrastination, but really it is much more deep rooted. Simple procrastination is more a symptom of apathy towards success, rather than an actual fear of it. That’s not to underestimate the enormous damage procrastination can do, however. Putting off until tomorrow what should be done today won’t kill your business if it is a very occasional and short lapse – we all have days where need to give ourselves a break after all – but if EVERY day becomes ‘tomorrow’ you will kill off any chance of success. Simple procrastination can be overcome by writing a daily ‘To Do’ list and resolving to stick to it. By setting clearly defined but realistic schedules for the achievement of your goals and working out a plan to get there. From the date you intend to achieve your goal, plan your schedule backwards in annual, monthly, weekly and daily chunks of activity and then get to work. Knowing why you want what you want is vitally important, so get your thinking cap on and then visualize how much better life will be once you’re were you want to be.What is more likely is that you’re looking for excuses not to do what you need to do, rather than simply muddling the priorities of each of your tasks, which leads us to our next indicator:
  • You are confusing being busy with being productive – You still do stuff, but you put off the truly important stuff off that requires your immediate attention so as to get rid of those little irritating things that can actually wait. As you tick each of these off your ‘To Do’ list, you are giving yourself the illusion that you are working hard and getting rid of the distractions so that you can focus on what is truly important. Then you start to look for and invent ‘distractions’ to keep yourself from actually doing the important stuff. Then you self-congratulate for how hard you’ve worked whilst also giving yourself the excuse that although you gave it your best shot, you just aren’t cut out for success. Don’t just write out a ‘To Do’ list, PRIORITIZE IT! Do a Draft, then a Final Copy, then throw the draft in the bin! Finish each task in turn before starting the next. It’s best to have half the jobs on your To Do list complete at the end of the day than to have all of the jobs half complete.
  • You hear old, familiar negative voices in your head – ‘Don’t aim too high, then you won’t be too disappointed when you don’t get there’. ‘Don’t work so hard, you’ll wear yourself down’. ‘Just do enough to get buy, so long as the bills get paid that’s fine’. There’s only so much space inside your head. If those voices aren’t the ones you want to hear, raise the rent and kick them out!
  • You embark on self-destructive behaviours – This is a danger zone where professional help may be necessary. There’s nothing wrong with a drink or maybe even the occasional puff of weed, but if you feel this is becoming excessive or a place of refuge from reality then heed the signs such as lack of sleep, irritability, inability to focus even on simple tasks or obsessing over trivial things and talk to someone about it – either someone you know and trust on a personal or intimate level, or someone professionally qualified to help you.

Here Are Some Of The Reasons Why You May Fear Success

Don't Let The Shadows Of Yesterday Spoil The Sunrise Of Tomorrow

There may be something in your subconscious mind which reminds you of past negative influences. It could be from pushy parents or school teachers who made you feel inadequate with things like ‘You’ll never amount to anything’ or ‘Set up your own business? You haven’t got what it takes’ or ‘You’re too nice. They’ll walk all over you’ or ‘Money makes you greedy and corrupt’ or ‘Get a job, there’s more security’.

It’s Not What Happens To You, It’s What You Do About What Happens
To You That Determines How Your Life Will Pan Out

All these should actually be your driver to become successful and confound your naysayers, but when you hear it often enough from people you’re close to and look up to, you can unconsciously start to believe it and doubt yourself. You may start to believe you don’t actually deserve the success you seek. You can even fall back on this negativity when you experience challenges in your business – as you will do – and then allow it to become justification for failure – or more accurately – giving up. When this happens, you may tell yourself that they were probably right and you really should have listened to them.

You do NOT have to give in to these feelings, but you cannot attempt to deny or supress them either. You have to give them the attention they require before that inner voice stops nagging at you and you can finally let the feelings go.

Here are some common examples of natural but unnecessary fears which may be holding you back from the success you deserve:

  • What if success turns me into someone I don’t want to be?  You may worry that success might change you into someone like JR Ewing, one of the lead characters in the 1980’s TV Soap Opera ‘Dallas’. Although apparently successful, JR became corrupted by his ‘success’ and was a thoroughly unpleasant, amoral, greedy and scheming individual who had no hesitation in dumping even on his close family for his personal gain. Money is the thing most commonly associated with success in business. You’ve all heard the phrase ‘Money is the root of all evil’. You may have had this instilled into you from an early age. But this is not the case. Money, wisely used, can do a lot of good and you can’t help the poor by joining them. So, see yourself as the kind of person you want to be and start acting as if you already are that person. Visualize yourself using your money or your acquired wisdom and experience to do good things. Be a ‘Go Giver’ rather than a ‘Go Getter’!
  • Can I handle the change in my life? – You want things to change for the better for you and your family, but your current environment is familiar and feels ‘safe’ even if it not what or how you wish it to be. It’s a ‘COMFORT ZONE’ even when it’s not comfortable whereas success is un-charted waters. When you fail or mess up, you know what to expect. But if you’re not used to success, the prospect of it can actually scare the s..t out of you!Having all you want is probably something you thought could never happen. Knowing and understanding that you not only can but that it is your birth right and you only need to reach out and grasp it can take a bit or work!Decide what it is that you want to have, do, or be and KNOW that it is just as available to you as it is to anyone else. Create a ‘Vision Board’ with pictures of the life you want to lead and the things you want to have, have a clear but realistic time frame for its’ achievement in your life and a plan for how you’re going to do it. Then get to work! Meditate on it for at least 20 minutes when you get up in the morning and before you go to bed at night and at least once in between if possible.
  • What will people think of me? – This is understandable, but completely unfounded. Cynics are fond of believing that ‘success’ only comes off the back of the hard work of others – it’s the old ‘JR Syndrome’ again. Whilst it does sometimes happen that way in real life, it’s not the only way or even the typical way and such cynical attitudes are often carried by people who simply can’t be bothered to strive to better themselves. You should not allow negative people to drag you down to their level, even if they’re people you’re close to and care about. They’re not necessarily bad people, they just have a different outlook on life to you.Success has been defined as ‘The progressive realization of a worthy ideal’. You can be generous with your success. The more you have, the more you can give. If you’ve achieved success through service to others rather than at the expense of others, you have every right to be proud of your achievements. You just have to learn to rise above the negativity of those who can’t or won’t see it and resist the temptation to try to make them see it – if they don’t want to, they won’t. If you can’t avoid these people altogether, you just have to be sparing in the time you give them and set boundaries governing their behaviour towards you. Respect their right to their opinions, but make sure they know that you don’t need to hear them constantly, you have a right to disagree and to have opinions of your own which they in turn need to respect.
  • I don’t like to self-promote – You don’t have to shout your achievement from the roof tops, but you don’t have to try to down play them out of a misguided sense of modesty either.Humility is a wonderful quality but there’s difference between being humble and de-valuing your true worth. You may have been brought up in a negative environment and shamed into believing you should always put the needs of others before your own needs. Thinking of yourself now and again does NOT make you selfish and there is a big difference between caring for others and being a ‘caretaker’, thinking that you are responsible for ensuring the happiness and fulfilment of others.Don’t allow people to get you on a guilt trip for thinking about your own needs and desires – it’s only what they’re doing after all!
  • Standing out in the crown scares me – The last paragraph was about modesty. This one is about shyness and there is a difference.

You Can Only Be Successful If You’re An Extrovert, Right?

Shyness is only an obstacle to success if you allow it to be.  Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Mark Zuckerberg, Elton John, Nicole Kidman, Bill Gates, JK Rowling, Elon Musk – to name but a few – all became hugely successful whilst being introvert by nature.

In fact, there are a great many reasons why being an introvert may actually give you the advantage when it comes to attracting success. Here’s a few for you to think about:

  • Introverts listen more than they talk – There is a huge difference between actually having something to say and just having to say something! A wonderful mentor of mine once said to me ‘You’ve got 2 ears and 1 mouth. Use them in that proportion.’ And it was one of the best bits of advice anyone has ever given me. If you do this, people will be more likely to listen to you when you DO talk.

  • Introverts are usually more considerate towards others – this doesn’t mean you have to have ‘DOORMAT’ tattooed on your forehead in large letters. Introverts usually freely give without a sense of entitlement to anything in return and so can you without feeling that you are allowing yourself to be taken advantage of.

  • Introverts are less likely to act the fool in public – nobody likes people who self-promote or belittle others. Building people up rather than pulling them down creates a feel good factor for both parties. Do this, and the positive vibe you create can only attract the good to you. ‘What goes around comes around’, as they say!

  • Introverts are not self-absorbed – this makes introverts more observant of their surroundings and therefore generally more empathetic, approachable and trustworthy. The chances are that you are already, and others will probably see it in you before you do!

Even people who aren’t shy don’t necessarily like being the centre of attention all the time! Down playing your achievements and shying away from praise and reward when it is genuinely due to you, out of embarrassment or a feeling you’re undeserving is harmful not just to yourself but to those you care for and who care for you. If you feel you deserve a pay rise or a promotion at work or some recognition for an achievement you should acknowledge it to yourself and allow yourself a little moment of glory.

You Need To Understand That It’s OK To Have A Different Take On Success Than Someone Else

To be accepting of success, you first of all have to define what success means to YOU.

Success doesn’t come in a neat and tidy ‘one size fits all’ package. Everybody has their own individual take on success, unique and personal to them.

To some it’s material, such as money, a promotion, or a new house or car. To others it may be more spiritual, like voluntary work or donating to a worthy cause in the Community. It may be taking a refuse sack to the beach to clear away other people’s rubbish and seeing the difference you’ve made when you go home, even though you know it’ll need to be done again in a few days!

  • Maybe you have been trying to live up to someone else’s definition of success.
  • Maybe the things you want and desire don’t fit it with someone else’s idea of success, but it doesn’t need to! It only needs to fit in with your ideas and you have to be clear about what you want, why you it and be comfortable enough with it not to let people that your take on success is less worthy than theirs. It isn’t! It’s not about being right or wrong, it’s about being happy within yourself.

You have to understand that you don’t have to explain or justify your definition of success to others. Allowing other people their own definition of success means you have the right to the same consideration not only from them but from yourself also! Not all of them will see it that way, especially if they’re the kind of person who has to be ‘right’ all the time, but you do not have to play their game by living up to their ideals at the expense of your own, or of feeling the need to be defensive about your own ideals.

Once you’ve decided what you want, take time out to meditate on how it would feel once you’ve achieved it. The key thing here is not to imagine it sometime in the future, as this will keep it always in the future. Think about it in the present, as if you already have it, and get into the feeling!

To remind yourself of the feeling, imagine a time in your childhood when you achieved something and were praised and rewarded for it. Remember how it felt, get into that feeling again and hold it for a couple of minutes, or 5 if you can manage it. Don’t worry if you can’t do it for that long. It takes practice.

Next, imagine a similar but more recent occurrence and hold that feeling too.

How good does it feel now, even though it’s in the past? Just as good as it did at the time, I bet!

Now, recall a memory of something that wasn’t so nice. Nothing traumatic, just when you felt under a bit of stress or pressure.

How You Can Recognize The Physical Symptoms Of The Fear Of Success

Although the feelings over the good and not so good memories will be quite different, do you notice that the physical reactions are actually remarkably similar? The heavier breathing, the quickening heart rate, maybe you got a little sweaty? A little light headed? That’s the adrenaline rush.

Your body reacts to excitement and stress in the same way, which is why you may not always recognize the difference between the two when you experience the physical effects. For example, I have an over active immune system which triggers an increased production of histamine when I’m in a high emotional state, be it either elation or stress, and this causes outbreaks of eczema. Although my state of mind and my resulting emotions in each state are completely the different, the physical reaction of my body is often the same.

When the physical symptoms manifest, this can often lead to emotional distress, even when the feelings that triggered the physical reaction were good ones. Hence you may have experience that confused, counter-intuitive state of associating success with stress.

The one common denominator for entrepreneurs which stands in the way of their success is…..US! That’s me and, yes, you too!

You know the consequences of failure, but that is not what you’re afraid of. Now, imagine if you will, the ‘consequences’ of success….

What Happens When You Do Become Successful?

YOU might actually make a huge, positive difference to SOMEONE ELSE! Your success could be the catalyst for someone else’s. Wouldn’t the World be a much better place if more people actually did what they were put on this Earth to do and make the contribution they were meant to make? WHY NOT YOU?!

Hitting success can be a huge emotional release and it can help focus your mind on what to do next. You will be successful if you decide to get out of your own way and make it happen.

Here’s What You Need To Do To Overcome Fear Of Success

Personal Development
is the key to success in both life and in business. There are many great resources out there in the form of books and audio, from such great Life Coaches as Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, T Harv Eker, Og Mandino, Bob Proctor, Earl Nightingale, to name but a few. Google them and sign up to the newsletters on their websites, buy their books and audios or get them from your local library, and don’t just listen to them or read them – STUDY them, make them part of you. Take notes, do the exercises they recommend, even attend the seminars if you can afford to. If you can’t at present, make that one of your goals and work towards it.

Get hold of some self-help material too. Coming to terms with your past and present issues is a part of personal development and is the best place to start if before you can really take your life forward. DON’T MISS THIS STEP – IT’S CRUCIAL!

There are 2 excellent self-help books that I have read and still read to myself each and every day without fail. These book are written by a wonderful lady called Melody Beattie, and are called ‘The Language of Letting Go’ and ‘More Language of Letting Go’.

Melody is a former alcoholic and substance user, an abused spouse and bereaved mother, who has turned her life around by learning to accept her past and present, so that she could move on into a much brighter future.

Each of her books consists of 366 short daily chapters of about a single page, to be read at the start of each day. I have been reading them daily for around 3 years now, and I can honestly say I have not come across any self-help material that has been of more benefit to me than these 2 books have.

Another brilliant book is ‘Creative Visualization’ by Shakti Gawain. There are many books that teach us about using the Law of Attraction to create the life and the future we desire, but this goes into the spiritual and teaches meditation and relaxation techniques in order to mentally and emotionally prepare us for applying the Law of Attraction in a positive way.

Other great books are

  • Attitude Is Everything by Jeff Keller
  • Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  • Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers
  • Rhinoceros Success by Scott Alexander
  • The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, also on DVD, CD and with its’ own  website and e-newsletter

Here Are Some Mental Self-Help Exercises For You To Do

  • Ask yourself whether you fear is down to past mistakes. If it is, treat the past as a learning experience. Failure is the best way to learn. Michael Jordan, possibly the best Basketball player of all time said that over the course of his career he missed over 9000 shots, missed 26 times when he was trusted to take the game winning shot and has lost over 300 games! He didn’t quit and nor should you!
  • If your fear is because of something that someone else put into your head in the past, look at the kind of life they’re leading now and if it’s not the kind of life you want to lead, clear it out. They may not even be where THEY want to be in life, so that disqualifies them from telling you what you should or shouldn’t be doing.
  • Identify your own personal definition and vision of success. What does it look like to you? Write down your answers. Be specific and don’t worry if the answers aren’t what you think other people would say. This isn’t about them, it’s about YOU!
  • Write down how your answers to the above would make you feel and hold the feeling whilst visualizing what it is you want. Hold for as long as you can.
  • Take special of any visions of success that give you negative vibes, maybe a fear that you may not live up to the responsibility that comes with success.
  • Become aware of how your fear of success has been holding you back. Write down your answers and then ask yourself how your life would be if you hadn’t allowed your fears to hold you back.
  • List your personal strengths and attributes. There will be far more of them than you think. And don’t be tempted to downplay them. False modesty is as damaging as an over-inflated ego!
  • List your successes, however small, and reward yourself for them. Even a small token gesture is something you would appreciate if it was given to you by someone else, so let you appreciate it from yourself too. Maybe imagine you are somebody else receiving the reward from you.
  • Proclaim defeat of your fear and make today Day 1 of your fulfilling new life!

You Were Born To Win

Being an entrepreneur can be a little lonely, right? Imagine yourself having access to a Community of aspiring and established entrepreneurs who you can talk to online for support and encouragement 24/7.

Imagine if within that Community, all the systems, tools and training to guarantee your success were there for you at the click of a mouse on top of all the encouragement and mentoring you would get.

Imagine, when you’ve got the experience that you could be one of the great helpers and mentors in that special Community. How would that make you feel?

Pretty damn good, right? That’s when you KNOW you have been and are continuing to be successful.

Well, there IS such a Community and it’s FREE TO JOIN!

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I hope you have found this article both informative and helpful. Please feel free to comment below or ask any questions and I’ll do my best to get back to you within 24 hours.

Your friend and Mentor



What Is Affiliate Marketing And How To Get Started – All Your Questions Answered

If you’re an aspiring but inexperienced online ‘Wantrepreneur’ looking at Affiliate Marketing without much prior knowledge, you are probably asking yourself what exactly is Affiliate Marketing all about and then trying to figure out how to get yourself started with a good, well paying program.

Don’t worry, it can be confusing at first but in this post I will hopefully give you some clarity and answer some or all of the other questions that you may have in your mind.

My name’s Richard Brennan and my aim here is to give you a comprehensive overview of the Affiliate Marketing industry in easy to understand layman’s terms.

I will also show you how you can get started straight away with your own Affiliate Marketing business and learn how to do it properly with essential, high quality but simple to follow training.

You can read all about it here. 

What Is The Definition Of Affiliate Marketing?

Put very simply, Affiliate Marketing is promoting someone else’s products or services in return for a commission, without actually ‘selling’ anything.

Have you ever bought a product or service through a personal recommendation, or have you recommended a product or service to someone else?

Let’s say, for example, a friend of yours tells you about this amazing new restaurant that’s opened in town, so you decide to go and try it out for yourself.

Did your friend get a percentage of your bill paid to them as a commission?

And did you love that restaurant so much that you then went on to recommend it to another friend of yours?

Did you then get a commission on their bill?

No, of course not!

However, you got that restaurant some extra business they would not have got had you not recommended to your friends that they go and try it out, just like the person who recommended it to you did.

The Affiliate is the link between the Supplier and the Customer.

You, as an Affiliate, promote a product or service – and it can be by word of mouth, social media or via your own blog – a Customer buys the product or service and the Supplier pays you a commission.

They also hold the stock and take care of the shipping and delivery so that you don’t have to!

And that, my friend, is the essence of Affiliate Marketing. Simple, isn’t it?

You And The Online Retail Revolution

The World Wide Web has really revolutionized the way people shop and how retailers get their products in front of Customers. As a result, Affiliate Marketing has evolved from being merely a way companies expand their reach online to being the very essence of their brand!

The most obvious example of an online retailer is, of course, AMAZON.

It is highly probable that YOU will have bought something via the Amazon website at some time. When you did this, it is almost certain that you were taken to the sales page via an ‘Affiliate Link’ and the Affiliate would have earned a percentage commission on your purchase.

Amazon now have around 500,000,000 (yes – half a billion!) products and a network of thousands of Affiliates throughout the World promoting those products via their Affiliate program ‘Amazon Associates’. And it’s not only Amazon. They’re just the first one that springs to mind.

Check out this SNAPSHOT of how Americans shopped in 2018.

And it’s not just happening in America – it’s Global!


Roughly half of Smartphone users currently make purchases through their device and the trend is moving rapidly upwards.

In fact, all major online brands – Apple, BestBuy, Hotels Combined, Trip Advisor, Virgin and many more are now being built by Affiliate Marketing!

There are literally hundreds of thousands of affiliate programs to chose from which pay commissions of up to 75% for sales of products which are then shipped directly from the Supplier to the Customer. The Affiliate doesn’t actually handle the product at all!

The advantage to the Retailer is that most of the expensive overheads associated with the traditional Retail Supply Chain, such as Sales & Marketing ‘middle men’, expensive advertizing and of course High Street shops which have to be rented, staffed, heated, lit, stocked, etc, have now been replaced by individual independent, home based Affiliates who are paid on a Sale Only basis.

This saves the Supplier a fortune, which can then be used to keep prices down and pay commissions to the Affiliates who bring in the sales.

The Advantage to YOU as an Affiliate is that you can own and run you own business, set up for you at source, and earn commissions without having to develop, produce, stock or ship your own products or services or cope with any of the headaches that come with a traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ business.

And you can do all of this from the comfort of your own home, when it’s convenient for you!

The Affiliate Marketing industry is set to be
worth over $7 Billion by the end of 2020!

That is going to be a huge tidal wave. Just imagine yourself being stood in front of it and being picked up and swept along! There are products and services that YOU use every day whose Suppliers will have their own Affiliate programs.

Some of these will relate to your own interests, so why not turn your passions into profit?

Find out how you can do it FOR FREE here!

Why Affiliate Marketing Is Here To Stay

Companies are always looking for ways to reduce costs and overheads, such as expensive Middle Men, etc.

Since Affiliates are paid on a sale only basis, they do not cost the company anything and it’s for this reason that they won’t actually get fired if they don’t bring in any sales!

How much or how little you do is entirely up to you. Conversely, an under-performing Sales Person in the Corporate World certainly would not have that luxury!

For example:

If a company’s affiliate program pays 30% sales commissions on a product costing $100 (it varies from program to program and this is just to illustrate the point), and you make 1 sale, you will earn $30. If you make 10 sales, you will earn $300. If you make 100 sales, you will earn $3000. And the company’s profit margin will always remain the same.

This is why, at no point will a Company’s CEO say ‘Whoa….steady on. You Affiliates are bringing in far too many sales. We’re going to have to let some of you go’!

Why would they? The more they are paying out to their Affiliates in sales related commissions is a direct reflection of how well their business is doing – all thanks to their Affiliates – so what you’ve got here is the complete opposite of how things work in the Corporate World of ‘down sizing’, ‘re-structuring’, ‘right sizing’, call it what you like.

Active Affiliates are considered valuable assets and therefore companies are looking to recruit more of them all the time. More active Affiliates bring in more sales, which increases the Company’s profits and doesn’t create competition between Affiliates as the Market Share increases.

It turns the whole Corporate business model completely on it’s head!

So How Do You Get Started In Affiliate Marketing?

Just like with anything, if you start something with no knowledge of what you’re doing and nobody to show you the way, you’re not going to last very long.

Our online affiliate marketing education program gives you FREE starter membership with NO TIME LIMIT and has been around since 2005.

It has a global Community of over 1 million Members and gives you all the tools, training and support you need to start and build your own lucrative Affiliate Marketing business which you can run from home, full time, part time or spare time, as you like.

They are the World Leaders in the online marketing education space.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this article which I hope you’ve found interesting and informative.

Please feel free to comment or post any questions in the box below and I’ll do my best to get back to you within 24 hours.

Your friend and Mentor






How To Work From Home And Make money Online

Work From Home And Make Money Online

In 2020 it has never been easier to work from home and make money online, and create that all important time and money freedom for yourself.

My name’s Richard Brennan and in this post I am going to show you how you can set yourself up, literally in the next few minutes, and get instant access to the World’s best training run by the most successful online earners and trainers out there.

I’ll also show you how you can started FOR FREE!

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Have you dreamed of running your own business, but are maybe short of ideas or worried about the potential risk?

Or are you already a business owner looking to build your brand online or leverage the enormous power of the Internet to add a few extra strings to your bow?

If you are like most people who look into self-employment, you will probably have experienced apprehension and possibly even information overload, and if you did actually get started, you will probably have ground to a halt.

90% of business start-ups fail in their first year, but if you are armed with the right information and given clear direction on how to use it, the online World gives you a glass ceiling opportunity where success and financial freedom can be yours for the taking.

I want to show you the most ethical and simple to follow money generating program on the Net, established in 2005, and today having a global Community of over 1.2 million Members.

We have people from all walks of life, abilities and educational backgrounds.

Whether you are a skint Student, a stay at home parent, unemployed, disabled, a struggling undervalued employee, a Service Veteran (like me), a qualified professional, a retired Pensioner, an aspiring entrepreneur or simply hate your job and want to get out of it, you will find people in our Community whom you can relate to who will be happy to help you.

Despite being a very diverse bunch, we all have one thing in common. We weren’t happy with our situation in life and so we decided to do something about it rather than wait for our employer, the government or the economy to do it for us.

You Were Born To Do More Than Just Go To Work, Pay The Bills And Die!
What is YOUR Motivation For Change?


Setting out in business for yourself can be a very scary and daunting prospect. There is a world of difference between having your own business and simply ‘owning your job’, like a Tradesman or a Freelancer, etc.


Here, I will show you how you can take any hobby or passion and turn it into a lucrative home based business that will pay you the money YOU want for the time you are willing to commit, under the umbrella of an established and ethical global organization that will take care of all the admin headaches for you.

Knowing Your ‘Why’ Will Help You To Stay Focused

Many people like you dream of running their own business and only being answerable to themselves, and everybody has their own different reasons for wanting to do it.

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So, What Is The Single Most Critical Factor
That Has Held You Back So Far?

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2020 Utility Warehouse Discount Club Review – Can You Both Save And Earn?

Utility Warehouse Discount Club

My name’s Richard Brennan and my 2020 Utility Warehouse Discount Club review is based on my own personal experiences as a FORMER Affiliate (2009-10) and as a highly satisfied Customer since 2009. Here, I aim to answer any questions you may be asking yourself about Utility Warehouse products and services as well as their self-employed business opportunity.

Company Overview

The Utility Warehouse Discount Club is a provider of landline and mobile telephony, broadband, gas and electricity services to UK households and Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) businesses. Additionally, they provide Home and Boiler Insurance to home-owners. They also provide a Cashback Card backed by Visa, which gives cashback on Customer’s monthly utility bills when used for shopping both in store and online with around 2000 Partner Retailers.

NB: The card can be used Worldwide for purchases with any retailer that accepts Visa, but cash back only applies with the Partner Retailers.

Utility Warehouse is a ‘virtual retailer’ which has no High Street premises and does no advertising. It utilizes a network of around 37,000 self-employed, independent affiliates (known as Distributors) to market its products and services through a Network Marketing (aka Multi-level Marketing) business model. Affiliates receive commissions on the monthly bills of the Customers they introduce as well as override commissions on the bills of Customers of the Affiliates in their Team.

Facts And Figures In Brief

Company Name: Utility Warehouse Discount Club
Address: Network HQ, 508 Edgeware Road, The Hyde, London, NW9 5AB
Telephone: 0333 777 3212
Executive Chairman: The Honourable Charles Wigoder
CEO: Andrew Lindsay MBE (Olympic Gold Medal Winner, Sydney 2008)
Affiliate Membership Price: £25 / £100 / £199.95 Depending on Distributorship
Business Opportunity Rating: 2/10
Customer Satisfaction Rating (My Own): 8.5/10
Trustpilot Rating: 7.8/10 based on Customer reviews as of August 2018
Accolades: Numerous ‘Best Buy’, ‘Best Service Provider’ and ‘Best Customer Service’ awards from Which? And Money Wise magazines, and favorable reviews in several national newspapers.

A Brief History

The Company started out in 1996 as Telecom Plus plc, originally selling a product called a ‘Smartbox’, which plugged into a standard British Telecom telephone socket to route Customer’s phone calls through alternative networks to get them at a cheaper rate than through British Telecom (BT). They also sold re-conditioned mobile phones with low cost tariffs.

In 1998, Telecom Plus was acquired by Charles Wigoder, the entrepreneur who had created People’s Phone, the highly successful pioneer virtual mobile network. Wigoder won the Communications category in the London section of UK’s Entrepreneur of The Year awards in 2001.

Under his Leadership, the Company was floated on the London Stock Exchange, has consistently traded in profit and remained debt free, has seen its’ market share increase to over 600,000 Customers, was named Company of The Year at the Quoted Company Awards in 2009, has won Best Value For Money and Best Customer Service awards from Moneywise and the Which? Consumer Association magazine Best Buy and Recommended Provider awards for each of its core services – most recently Broadband in 2018.

Here are some examples of what their Customer’s are saying about them on the UK Consumer website Trustpilot.

Pros And Cons For Affiliates

The Good

PRO #1 Can earn residual income without having to recruit other Affiliates, from their own Customer’s monthly bills.
PRO #2 Essential services which everyone uses.
PRO #3 Large growth potential (within the UK) as the Company has a relatively small market share (less than 2%)
PRO #4 Consistently high Customer satisfaction = excellent retention = income stability.
PRO #5 Affiliates can also hold salaried positions as Trainers and Technical Support Advisers.

The Bad

CON #1 Low commission rates.
CON #2 Can’t earn money straight away (6 multi-service Customers needed to qualify for commissions).
CON #3 Restrictions on how Affiliates can promote the business, relying on ‘Old School’ MLM methods. Online promotion through blogs, etc, requires Company scrutiny as would be expected but charges levied on Affiliates for this are high.
CON #4 Restrictions on other business activities, ie, joining another network or affiliate program can lead to termination even if there is no conflict of interest in regard to products and services.
CON #5 UK based business only with no opportunity for Affiliates to expand globally.
CON #6 Lack of service availability in some areas.
CON #7 Staggering amount of information to learn before approaching potential Customers, requiring attendance at a training event beforehand.

Who Is The Utility Warehouse Discount Club For?

From a Customer’s perspective, anybody in the UK who owns a phone, a fridge, a cooker, a kettle, a computer, central heating or a shower!

Customers have the convenience of having all of their essential services (except water) provided by a single supplier and only one bill to pay each month.

Utility Warehouse does not claim to be the cheapest provider all of the time, but it does guarantee that its tariffs will remain in the lower portion of the Market which gives savings ‘across the board’ for multi-service Customers. Customers are able to pick and choose, but the more services one takes, the greater the savings and Utility Warehouse will pay up to £200 in termination charges when moving across from a different supplier.

There is no attempt to lure Customers with eye-catching, cheap, short-term deals which then turn into expensive long term tariffs with complicated contracts. Their pricing is reasonable and consistent and the tariffs easy to understand.

Utility Warehouse will also track a Customer’s service usage and offer them alternative tariffs where savings can be made, unlike other suppliers who place the onus for this on the Customer and are happy for them to continue paying over the odds.

Customers Can Earn Great Cashback Against Their Monthly Bill

The Utility Warehouse Cashback card is not a credit card, debit card or a store card. It is a ‘top up’ card which only works when you have money on it. You can put money onto the card 24/7 either online or via the automated telephone top-up service and you can have an automatic monthly top up of a fixed amount by linking your card to a debit card.

In a way, it is the exact opposite of a credit card since not only are you no charged interest on transactions, you actually earn money on them in the form of cashback!

Utility Warehouse has around 2000 Partner retailers ranging from eateries to jewelers, from hotel chains to supermarkets and DIY stores to Activity Day providers. When the card is used to make in store or online purchases with any of these partners, a percentage of the purchase price ranging from 1% to 11% is deducted from the Customer’s utility bill the following month.

In 2013, we re-fitted our kitchen, bathroom and one of our bedrooms courtesy of Argos and Homebase who are both Cashback partners, and Utility Warehouse credited our account with almost £400, wiping out our utility bills for the next 3 months!

The Cashback Card can be used in any retailer anywhere in the World which accepts Visa whether the Retailer is partnered with Utility Warehouse or not. No cashback will be given if the Retailer is not a cashback partner, but you still have the convenience of being able to use the card anywhere.

If you go on holiday, your card is a very convenient place to put your holiday spending money on, and top up as required and as it is not connected to your bank account, your account will be completely safe if you lose your card.

Utility Warehouse Affiliate Tools And Training

When new Affiliates pay their joining fee, they are sent their business manual with all the T&Cs, along with samples of promotional literature to hand out to prospects, more of which will have to be purchased at the Affiliates own expense once the initial batch is used up.

A replicated affiliate website is also provided. This looks and sounds great but it is identical to every other Affiliate’s website apart from the Affiliate’s bio and a small profile picture.

This means that Affiliates will not be found online unless they pay out a small fortune in Pay Per Click advertising to compete with the fellow Affiliates for the top spot in the search engines.

If you become a Utility Warehouse affiliate, my suggestion to you is that you learn affiliate marketing and build your own personal brand via your own website, linked to your corporate replicated site, where your new customers and affiliates can sign up if you haven’t used the direct approach ‘old school’ marketing methods or shelled out a huge wad of cash on PPC.

I remember the huge restrictions that Utility Warehouse placed its Affiliates over using online marketing. In a way its understandable because its not unknown for Network Marketers to use a little ‘poetic licence’ and Utility Warehouse have to protect the integrity of their brand. Other companies allow it however, be it right or wrong, and I recall Utility Warehouse having a requirement for all Affiliates to submit their own personal online marketing material to Head Office for approval at a cost of an eye watering £500 with no guarantee it would be approved!


New Affiliates are required to attend an induction training shortly after joining before they can qualify for commissions. The training in carried out by experienced affiliates who have reached leadership positions in the Compensation Plan. Here, new affiliates are taught how to promote Utility Warehouse with the old-school, groan-inducing ‘make a list of everyone you know’, etc, which is the main cause of around 90% of Network Marketing newbies crashing out in their first 3 months.

When I was a Utility Warehouse Distributor, the emphasis was entirely on promoting the businesses opportunity rather than the products and services with the constantly repeated mantra ‘Don’t think Customer – think Distributor’ being rammed down your throat. This is logical in so far as if you sign them up initially as a Customer and they choose to become a Distributor at a later date, they can do so under somebody else!

In my humble opinion, that is an awful dis-service to hard-working customer focused affiliates. Technology makes it very easy for a Customer who wishes to become an affiliate some time down the road to be linked directly to the original referring Affiliate. This would prevent unethical practices such as ‘poaching’ by other affiliates and also take away the pressure on affiliates to focus on MLM if they did not wish to do so.

I say that with the conviction of someone who’d had prior experience of Network Marketing and whose enthusiasm had been somewhat dampened by the experience. For me personally, the very attraction of Utility Warehouse was the opportunity to build a residual income from the percentage commission I would earn from Customer’s monthly bills without having to go down the route of ‘herding cats’ trying to build a team of affiliates again.

My Perception Of A Dis-Honest Approach To Prospects

We would be told by our Trainers to approach our ‘contact list’ (the usual friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, the Postman, Milkman, Hairdresser, Uncle Tom Cobbley and all, etc) by asking them to let us show them how to reduce their monthly bills, etc, and then once they’d (usually reluctantly) agreed to let us into their house, we’d be expected to hit them with a MLM business presentation.

I had a major objection to this and I would not do it. I would do what I told my prospects I was going to do and show them how to save money and AFTERWARDS I would inform them that I would receive a commission on their bills if they came on board, and I’d offer to show them how THEY could be the ones earning that commission instead, as a member of my Team.

Some agreed to let me show them how and some weren’t interested. I’m glad to say that my approach was honest from the start and I did nothing to get people to allow me their precious time under false pretences.

To me, that kind of ‘up frontness’ is very important but when I told my Upline that’s what I was doing AND that I was taking ‘No’ for an answer they were not at all happy and basically cut me out for ‘not following the system’, or as I saw it ‘not towing the line’. Que sera sera, and all that!

Support For Distributors

I touched on the ‘support’ I had from my Upline just now. Very pushy people who acted more like corporate Sales Managers than the leaders and mentors they were supposed to be. Maybe I was just unlucky in who I signed up with, but my experience was not unique.

The Corporate support was much better. Within Network HQ there is a group of experienced Affiliates with additional corporate responsibilities whose job it is to help and advise the Affiliate Network with all aspects of the business. I always found them very helpful, knowledgeable, approachable and supportive.

Lack Of Service Availability Can Hamper Affiliates

When I was an affiliate, I lived in rural North Wales, where some services were unavailable. The area where I lived had no mains gas and households used LPG which Utilty Warehouse do not supply. Mobile telephone coverage was also very poor on the network that Utility Warehouse ‘piggy backed’ on and many of the BT exchanges were still using the legacy LLX technology, rather than the more recent LLU technology which meant that affiliates could not offer potential Customers Utility Warehouse’s best deal on landline telephony services.

LLU stands for ‘Local Loop Unbundled’. Basically its the ‘last mile’ of the connection from the BT Exchange to the Customer’s property. When a line is LLU, the Customer’s chosen supplier manages the connection all the way up to their property. LLX lines are only managed up to the BT Exchange, with BT having responsibility for the ‘last mile’, and the charge for that is passed on to Customers by their supplier via their bill.

As Affiliate commissions were paid on a scale according to the number of services the Customer signed up to, these service availability factors would have a detrimental effect on the earnings of Affiliates. If a Customer only took out a single energy service for example, Utility Warehouse would pay zero commission to the Affiliate. That sucked!

So How ‘Independent’ Are Utility Warehouse Affiliates Really?

When you join Utility Warehouse, as with any other MLM company, you are told that you are ‘independent’ and ‘self-employed’ but in reality you are little more than a commission only sales person.

Utility Warehouse will terminate your business if they find out you are involved in any other home based affiliate or network marketing type business, even if there is no clash in terms of products and services. I personally see no reason why a Utility Warehouse affiliate couldn’t also be, for example, an Avon Rep (or any other rep) so long as there was no direct competition between the companies involved. Avon don’t sell telephony and energy services and Utility Warehouse don’t sell cosmetics after all, but hey, I don’t make the rules!

I chose to develop additional income streams and received a rather unpleasant and officious letter from Utility Warehouse beginning with ‘ has come to our attention….etc’, effectively ‘ordering’ me to end my other associations or have my Distributorship terminated. Since the very reason I’d got involved with this other company was that Utility Warehouse had not lived up to my expectations, I wrote back telling them where to stick it!

Utility Warehouse are by no means the only company that place this sort of restriction on their Affiliates. No company would be able to do this to its corporate employees, so to me its as though these companies feel that they ‘own’ you the moment you sign on the dotted line.

What Does It Cost To Join Utility Warehouse As An Affiliate?

There are 3 ways to join Utility Warehouse as an affiliate, and these are:

  1. Independent Distributor (ID) – £100 (Most common)
  2. Community Fundraiser (CF) – £25
  3. Independent Representative (IR) – £199.95

Let’s look at each of these in turn:

  • Independent Distributors gather their own personal Customers and can also build a team of Distributors if they wish. An ID can earn a one off Customer Gathering Bonus up to £50 depending on the number of services the new Customer takes. After this, IDs are paid an ongoing residual commission based on a percentage of the Customer’s monthly bill. This varies between 2% and 8%, depending again on the number of services taken, but generally averages around £5 per month. Smaller commissions are paid as a percentage of their Team member’s customers, but as the Team grows and its structure develops, rank advancement bonuses are paid, as well as car and travel incentives. Pretty much standard practice in the MLM world.
  • Community Fundraisers are charities or community groups who can raise funds by encouraging their supporters to become Utility Warehouse customers. The commission rate is 5% ongoing and the £25 joining fee is rully refundable if 12 customers are signed up in the first 90 days.
  • Independent Representatives are business owners who can generate an additional income stream by introducing their customers, staff or contacts into Utility Warehouse.

My Final Word On The Utility Warehouse Discount Club

Although this is a 100% reputable company offering a completely legitimate business opportunity, I would give it a wide berth because of the poor commission rates and the stipulations for even for qualifying for the commissions, the restrictions the Company places on its supposedly ‘independent’ affiliate’s other business activities, the over emphasis on recruiting other Distributors and the reluctance of the Network Leaders to support those who are customer-focused, the negative impact of lack of service availability in some parts of the Country and the fact that although there is plenty of scope for UK wide growth there is no scope to build your business outside the UK.

Customers are given an incentive to refer people, and this comes in the form of a £10 voucher for every new customer who joins through them on sign-up and every year on the anniversary. Customers can choose between M&S or Sainsbury’s.

All the new Customer has to do is quote the referring Customer’s account number when they sign up. Mine is 4624517, so please quote that if you join as a Customer on the basis of this review. I will get no financial gain apart from the £10 voucher.

At A Glance

Company Name: Utility Warehouse Discount Club
Address: Network HQ, 508 Edgeware Road, The Hyde, London, NW9 5AB
Telephone: 0333 777 3212
Executive Chairman: The Honourable Charles Wigoder
CEO: Andrew Lindsay MBE (Olympic Gold Medal Winner, Sydney 2008)
Affiliate Membership Price: £25 / £100 / £199.95 Depending on Distributorship


Business Opportunity: 2/10
Customer (my own personal rating):

I hope you’ve found this 2019 Utility Warehouse Discount Club review informative and now I have a question for you.

How would you like to have 10 streams of passive income instead of just 1?

Many Network Marketing companies do not allow their affiliates to join other networks, but they cannot stop you from generating other non-Network Marketing passive income streams.

People join People, not companies or pay plans, etc, and your own personal website branding YOU is the most effective way to generate leads for your main business as well as additional income streams.

More and more Network Marketers are seeing this program as a highly effective and lucrative lead generator and source of additional income streams which don’t clash with their main business.

Thanks for stopping by.

I welcome comments and feedback from my readers and if you have any questions at all, please put them in the comments box below and I will do my best to get back to you within 24 hours.

Your friend and mentor









About Richard Brennan

Welcome to my Website

My name is Richard Brennan and I’d like to share with you my experiences which led me on a rather bumpy 17 year journey from dis-contented employee to happy online entrepreneur and business owner.

I promise you this is not another one of those cheesy ‘rags to riches’ stories you see so much of!

My Background

I’m a proud Husband and Dad of two young boys and I come originally from a military background, following in the footsteps of my Dad and joining the Armed Forces at the age of 18. I stayed there for 15 years, seeing quite a bit of the World.

When I returned to civilian life, I ventured into the Telecomms industry for about 18 months before the bubble burst in the early 2000s. Then, finding myself ‘in between jobs’, I took the opportunity to go offshore sailing in Australia where I qualified as a yacht skipper.

When I returned home I ended up drifting between jobs, working long hours for lousy pay as a security guard, cleaning holiday chalets, labouring on building sites, knocking on doors as a charity fund-raiser and washing up in restaurant kitchens.

A life of Sundowners on the quarterdeck of some millionaire’s yacht I’d be skippering was not to be, since I was by now engaged to be married!

I disliked the corporate world intensely, with it’s office politics, dog eat dog culture and stifling political correctness, and I ended up re-enlisting for 18 months as a full-time military reservist.

After hanging up my uniform for the second time, I decided that self-employment was the way forward for me, but I didn’t have a clue where to start.

Two Beliefs

After making every mistake under the Sun, I ended up crashing and burning with a mountain of debt, just like 90% of business ‘newbies’.

It was a huge emotional roller-coaster ride, but I did learn some valuable lessons along the way, and I remained steadfastly determined to succeed and make my own way in life rather than resign myself to being somebody else’s wage slave until my still distant retirement.


I realized I needed MENTORS and I set about looking for ways to work from home online, and of studying those who were already doing it successfully.

After having fallen for a couple of scams and not being particularly inspired by some of the genuine programs I’d joined, I started to look for something I could try out for free without time limit before committing, which is how I came across an innovative, step by step educational program called Wealthy Affiliate. At long last, a 100% legit work from home business!

You Can Read My Full Wealthy Affiliate Here

My eyes were opened and I got excited! I saw a structured and relevant online training program which was broken up into simple to follow modules geared around teaching people with no prior experience how to monetize their own interests and passions on the Internet.

I could see that it gave me the opportunity to not only learn how to build multiple streams of passive income for myself and my family, but to also be able to help other people to do the same for themselves.

The training is World class and the willingness of the more experienced Members to share tips, information and encouragement was a real eye opener for me and something I’d never experienced in any of the other online training programs I’d joined and subsequently left.

I saw that I could immediately call upon support from within a pro-active Community of like-minded people who had all started out from scratch, like myself.

At last, a 100% legit work from home business!

Wealthy Affiliate Really Is A Glass Ceiling Opportunity!


I cannot describe how reassuring it was for me to know that by joining Wealthy Affiliate I was now genuinely in business for myself but NOT by myself and the only limits anyone has in this program are the ones they set themselves.



My Committment To You When You Join With Me

The most important thing I learned during my military service was Leadership – a hugely different kettle of fish from management.

  • A Manager says ‘You go and do it’. A Leader says ‘Let’s go and do it’.
  • A Leader sets the right example.
  • A Leader commands respect by treating his or her followers with respect and never gets anyone to do something he or she has not already done or would not be prepared to do.
  • A Leader gives support and shows the way.

Everybody has their own individual take on success, and I give you my absolute word that I will work with you to help you to achieve the level of success that you desire, whatever that may be, just like my fellow Leaders in this amazing Comunity have done and are still doing for me and thousands of others like you and me.

The Goal Of This Website

The goal of this website is to provide you with detailed and unbiased information about the Online Affiliate Marketing space, to help you to make an informed decision as to whether or not it is right for you.

I aim to give you informative and unbiased reviews of products, programs and services, show you what resources you have available, and give you a few little ‘vitamins for the mind’ as well!

Please stick around a while and browse through the content on this site, as I want you to be armed with as much knowledge as possible before you commit, even though Wealthy Affiliate is all on a try before you buy basis and you can remain a free member for as long as you like.

I hope you’ll find it all interesting, informative and, above all, inspirational enough to give it a go FOR FREE and join the ranks of the World’s most accomplished and professional internet marketers!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best in whatever you decide to do.

Richard Brennan