2019 Wealthy Affiliate Review

Is Wealthy Affiliate The Biggest Scam Online Or Your Ticket To Financial Freedom?

Welcome to my website. My name’s Richard Brennan, and in this 2019 Wealthy Affiliate review I aim to answer any questions you may have on you mind, so that you can make an informed decision about joining Wealthy Affiliate.

I’ve been in a few online affiliate marketing programs – some genuine and some not – so the question uppermost in my mind and probably in yours was ‘Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or a legit program?’

When I saw that I could join Wealthy Affiliate FOR FREE, that answered the question for me.

No Credit Card, No Upsells…..Really?

There’s no catch here. You can take advantage of Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership and get access to 20 Entry Level lessons and 2 Online Classrooms to build the foundation of you Affiliate Marketing Business and there is no time limit on it. You can remain a Free Member for as long as you like without ever having to upgrade.

So, What Is Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate A Service You Can Trust

In a Nutshell, Wealthy Affiliate is a ‘one stop shop’ website building, hosting and publishing platform which will give you all the skills, services and support you need to start, manage and grow a successful online marketing business or create a dynamic online presence for a conventional ‘bricks and mortar’ business.

It is geared entirely around teaching YOU, whatever you prior experience, to use the internet to generate multiple passive income streams with the latest blogging and online marketing techniques, taking you full self-empowerment, rather than just self-employment.

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For?

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For

Whilst Wealthy Affiliate is geared towards people who want to work from home and make money online, whether you a complete ‘Net Newbie’ or an established online business owner.

It is also a great tool for established ‘bricks and mortar’ business owners who want to build an online presence, or for Webmasters who want to offer their services to them. While Webmasters might be very adept at the technical side of things, if they’ve had no marketing training, then the flashy ‘bells and whistles’ sites they build for their Clients might not actually make them any money.

Many Network Marketers are also finding it a very useful lead generation tool for their businesses as well.

Before I go into the nuts and bolts of my review, I want to give you a brief statistical overview along with my own ratings based on my own experiences first as a Member.

Wealthy Affiliate Overview

Wealthy Affiliate (Niche Marketing Inc.)
Address: Box 18 2354 Millstream Road, Victoria, British Colombia, Canada, VB9 6L2
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Year Founded: 2005
Membership: Around 1.5 million Worldwide
Website URL: www.wealthyaffiliate.com
Training: 9.5
Support: 10
Website Building Platform: 9.5
Wordpress Hosting: 10
Research Tools: 9.5
Success Stories: 9.5
Price: Starter Member FREE / Premium: US$49 per month or $359 per year

TheNakedAffiliate over all rating: 9.5 OUTSTANDING

Introducing The Wealthy Affiliate Co-Founders, Kyle And Carson

Kyle Wealthy Affiliate Co-Founder

Kyle is the ‘public face’, if you like, of Wealthy Affiliate. He is a highly experienced and accomplished online marketer and he will be taking you through the training modules as you watch over his shoulder in the step by step intuitive videos.





Carson Wealthy Affiliate Co-Founder

Carson’s background is computer science and he is the brains behind the awesome technology that is Wealthy Affiliate. He is more ‘behind the scenes’ striving to keep Wealthy Affiliate at the pinnacle of technical excellence. He will happily help you with any technical issues you may experience at any time.

Both Kyle and Carson are directly accessible through the Wealthy Affiliate messaging and chat systems. Think on this:

Do you know of anywhere else where you would you get direct access to the Owners and CEOs of a program without having to pay a penny?!

What About Wealthy Affiliate Complaints?

There is some negative commentary out there, but to be honest, the biggest critics of Wealthy Affiliate are actually Kyle and Carson themselves. They are the first ones to acknowledge that the system is not perfect – and let’s be honest, no system is perfect – and they are both constantly striving to improve the User experience and give us Members the best they can.

When all is said and done, it is not the amount or the quality of the training and support that’s going to cut it. It’s what you do with it that matters.

To be blunt, the bulk of the gripes come from people in the following categories:

Wealthy Affiliate ComplaintsFormer Members who joined with unrealistic expectations of being millionaires in a few months. They may have dabbled but they were not persistent and consistent with doing and applying the training. Some may never have actually started it in the first place. We get ’em all!

Then there are those who’ve never actually been involved with Wealthy Affiliate who feel they need to talk down the competition rather than talk up whatever products or services they may be offering. Negative psychology is easy to spot, however, and thankfully such people are in a minority.

Wealthy Affiliate makes no bones about not being a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme. We all see these cheesey images of people standing next to flashy sports cars on the driveways of their huge mansions, or sipping cocktails on some palm lined beach somewhere in an effort to pull people in by focusing them on the ‘end result’ rather than what they actually have to do in order to get there. Wealthy Affiliate, on the other hand, are very up front about the focus, patience, persistence and effort required to build a successful online business. For those who stick with it, the results are evident in the many success stories of our Members.

Almost all the successful people in Wealthy Affiliate started out working part-time around existing job or family commitments, The same 24 hours in a day are available to us all, and they simply know how to use what time they have productively and efficiently and understand that the only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.


Learning what works today and will work tomorrow are key to you success in the affiliate marketing space. At Wealthy Affiliate you will get the most relevant and up to date training available, with new resources being added in the ever evolving online World.

There is a clearly defined 4 step process to building an online marketing business which anyone can follow regardless of gender, age, background, experience or location in the World. The Internet is the ultimate ‘leveler’ and success does not discriminate!

Affiliate Marketing 4 Step Process

The most obvious and most effective thing to do when choosing a niche is to pick something you are passionate about, such as a favourite hobby. To date, there are around 750,000 affiliate programs offering around 500 million products online. With a little diligence you could find one that resonates with you and monetize it with Wealthy Affiliate. If you’re stuck for ideas, don’t worry. Wealthy Affiliate will help you choose your direction from from one of the million plus niches out there.

Are you blown away? You damn well ought to be!

Before I get into the specifics of the training here at Wealthy Affiliate, I want you to know that if you have any questions then please feel free to scroll down to the bottom and put them in the comments box and I will try to get back to you within 24 hours.

Wealthy Affiliate Training – Step By Step And Easy To Follow

There are two separate task based courses in which the lessons are a mix of text and video tutorials, where Kyle gives you an over the shoulder walk through of everything involved. You can do either of these or both of them in whichever order you like. These are the

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification (50 Lessons)
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training (70 Lessons)

Lets’ look at each of these in turn:

The Online Entrepreneur Certification Training

The Online Entrepreneur Certification Course consists of 5 Phases, each of 10 Modules, and walks you through the process of creating and growing a business in any niche you like.

Phase 1 – Getting Started (Free and Premium Members)
Phase 2 – Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website (Premium Members)
Phase 3 – Making Money (Premium Members)
Phase 4 – Mastering Social Engagement (Premium Members)
Phase 5 – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation (Premium Members)

The Affiliate Bootcamp Training

The Affiliate Bootcamp Training consists of 7 Phases, each of 10 Modules, which takes you through the process of creating and growing a business by promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

Phase 1 – Getting Your Business Rolling (Free and Premium Members)
Phase 2 – Content, Keywords And Conversions (Premium Members)
Phase 3 – Giving Your Site Social Value (Premium Members)
Phase 4 – Get Visual, Get Aesthetic, Build A Brand Through Media (Premium Members)
Phase 5 – Knowing Your Audience And Catapulting Your Referals (Premium Members)
Phase 6 – Bing, Yahoo And The Power Of PPC (Premium Members)
Phase 7 – How To Scale Successful PPC Campaigns (Premium Members)


And There’s More….!

Wealthy Affiliate Training

As well as the two training courses, there are:

  • Weekly live, interactive video classes which are archived so you can catch up if you couldn’t make the live class.
  • Over 1000 video and text based tutorials from experienced fellow Members which you can access any time.
  • 24/7 Live Chat forum within the Community.
  • 24/7 Technical Support with an average 5-minute response time.

Support Within A Caring Community

Wealthy Affiliate’s greatest asset is its Community – you fellow Members from all walks of life and educational backgrounds who all started out the same way as you – from scratch!

One of the biggest frustrations I had with other programs I’d been in was having nobody to ask for help when I was stuck. Here, that help is right there around the clock!
Help From Wealthy Affiliate Community

Many of the Ambassadors in Wealthy Affiliate (the highest ranking Members) have years of experience and are happy to share the knowledge they’ve acquired and give back the support they had in their early days. This ‘pay it forward’ spirit within the Community is what makes Wealthy Affiliate both special and unique in the online marketing World and both Kyle and Carson spend much of their time in the Community helping out people in real time.

Where else would you get direct access to the CEO’s without even being a paying Customer?!

I don’t know of anywhere, and I think its absolutely awesome that Wealthy Affiliate places that kind of emphasis on supporting and helping its Members.

Easily Build, Manage And Grow Your Own WordPress Websites

On The Wealthy Affiliate SiteRubix Platform

Here at Wealthy Affiliate, we understand that you website and you online business are one and the same, and we know how vitally important it is to have the most advanced technology to keep you business fully operational 24/7.

SiteRubix is Wealthy Affiliate’s own platform for building, managing and hosting WordPress websites.

  • Free Starter Members get 2 free SiteRubix.com websites
  • Premium Members get 25 free SiteRubix.com websites and 25 websites on domains that they own.
    Build Your WordPress website

There are so many advanced and exciting features available with SiteRubix that to list them all here would take up too much of you time right now, but in a nutshell, SiteRubix allows you to:

  • Register you own domains ‘in house’ at less cost than with other providers.
  • Build a WordPress website in under a minute on any of over 2000 WordPress themes without any of the complex HTML programming skill and technical know-how needed in years gone by.
  • Create content within Wealthy Affiliate’s own bespoke Content Writer tool.
  • Have access to over 800,000 free, fully optimized images.
  • Manage you website 24/7.
  • Host you website ‘in house’ for free.

Some features contained within SiteRubix for both Free and Premium Members are listed below:

  • Site Builder
  • Site Content
  • Site Domains
  • Site Manager

Should you choose to upgrade to Premium Membership, you will also have available to you a number of exclusive SiteRubix technologies to make you website secure and safe from hackers and spammers and also lightening fast.

  • Site Speed
  • Site Protect
  • Site SSL
  • Site Comment
  • Site Feedback
  • Site Support

So there you have a brief overview of the SiteRubix platform and you site will be fully up and running in a few quick, simple steps. As we help you move forward with you training, you will be building out you website content and learning how to get it indexed and ranked in the Search Engines for free, which will save you a fortune in paid advertising!

You Get The Best Managed WordPress Website Hosting Out There!

Best WordPress Managed Hosting With Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate specializes in providing you with a fast, robust and secure platform to run you website and the powerful hosting you have access to is unparalleled in the managed WordPress hosting industry.

Premium Members have access to managed and automated monitoring, 24/7/365 site support, virus and malware protection and the most powerful servers out there the equivalent of external hosting packages that would normally come in at $250-300 per year!

You Can Excel In Any Niche With The Proper Research Tools

Research is fundamental to success in any business and Wealthy Affiliate uses an amazing Keyword Research platform called JAAXY which allows you to zero in on what people are looking for on the internet. So let me give you a quick overview of the Jaaxy Keyword Research tool.

How To Get Your Keywords On The Front Page Of GoogleJaaxy is so incredibly functional, it is known as the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of keyword research tools! Let me show you some awesome features of Jaaxy.

  • Finds keyword search volume.
  • Shows potential traffic volume.
  • Determines the difficulty of the competition.
  • Finds related keyword data, effectively making it a keyword DISCOVERY tool.
  • Alphabet Soup function, which throws up an A-Z of related keywords.
  • Search Engine Results Page (SERP) analysis.
  • Site rank check.
  • Domain availability.
  • Affiliate program checker.
  • Auto rank tracking.
  • Keyword rank checker.
  • Keyword brainstorm tool linked to Google Trends – great for finding keywords related to hot topics.
  • Keyword list facility, where you can store all you researched high quality keywords.

There are different membership levels of JAAXY, and ‘Lite’ is included in the cost of Premium Membership here at Wealthy Affiliate. Jaaxy Lite gives you the following:

  • Unlimited keyword searches.
  • 20 keyword results.
  • 25 saved keyword lists.
  • 100 site rank scans.
  • 10 letter / alphabet soup results.
  • Manual quoted search result – the competition for that keyword.
  • Manual domain availability.
  • Affiliate program search – to help you develop a money making niche.
  • Sort keyword data.

Meet Me And The Leaders In Las Vegas In 2020 All Expenses Paid!

Every year, Wealthy Affiliate send their top performing Members on a luxury, all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas on their 4 day Super Affiliate Conference.

Wealthy Affiliate Las Vegas Incentive

Business is discussed during the say in an informal, fully catered ’round table’ setting all geared around improving the Wealthy Affiliate user experience.

But its not all work and no play as this picture of some of our previous years happy qualifiers shows!

The evenings are packed with entertainment from shows, the casinos, craft beer and wine tasting, golf, bowling, etc, and not only is it all paid for, but you get spending money too!Wealthy Affiliate Las Vegas Incentive Qualifiers

To qualify, all you need to do is enroll a minimum of 300 new Premium Members between 1st January and 31st December, and on New Year’s Day the clock goes back to zero! This applies to all who qualify, not a limited number of spaces.

There is still time for YOU to join us in Vegas in 2020 – will you be there?

The Awesome Benefits Of Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

After I’d seen how good just the Free Wealthy Affiliate membership was, I could see the enormous value of Premium Membership and it was a no-brainer to upgrade which I did in my first week to take advantage of the amazing bonuses. The screenshot below gives you an overview of the additional benefits of Premium Membership.
Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership Benefits

Let me just remind you here that there is no time limit to Free Membership and you don’t ever need to upgrade to Premium if you don’t want to, but there are so many advantages to Premium at such great value for money that I’m sure you’ll want to do so. Take a peek inside to see the wealth of additional benefits.

Premium comes in at just $49 a month ($588 over the year), with you first month discounted to $18 if upgrade within you first 7 days (down to $557 over the year).

You could save even more money by choosing to pay for you Premium Membership annually for $359. That’s a saving of $229, or almost 40%!

You can do this anytime after upgrading to Premium. You don’t have to do this straight away, or even at all, if you’re unable or don’t wish to commit to a full year’s membership.
Wealthy Affiliate Powers Marketers

Remember, this is a BUSINESS, and when you compare it to the cost of a franchise ($60,000 equivalent here in the UK), it is an absolute bargain when you consider what it can give you without all the headaches associated with running a conventional ‘bricks and mortar’ business.

When I first started out, I looked at it this way:

Monthly membership requiring an investment of $588 over the year breaks down to $1.61 a day, or $11 and a few Cents a week which is roughly £8 here in the UK. What personal and non-essential luxuries could I sacrifice over the week to save the money to fund my own income producing asset which would pay me as much as I was prepared to work for 24/7 for life on autopilot?

Well, here’s what £8 will buy on this side of the Atlantic in 2019:

  • Around 15 cigarettes out of a pack of 20 (I’m a non-smoker by the way, This is purely illustrative!)
  • 2 pints of beer down the pub, or 1 pint and a glass of wine if I take my Wife with me!
  • A bacon bap and a mug of tea at my favourite cafe in town twice a week or….
  • A cappuccino and a blueberry muffin at Starbucks if I’m feeling ‘posh’ and its on special offer!

I’m sure, like me, you want to get yourself the best deal. That $229 I saved by going annual could get me an extra pint down the pub or bacon bap and a mug of tea at the cafe each week. Or a new hair-do for the Wife a couple of times a year!

Upgrading to Premium is purely optional, and there are people who’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for years who are still Free Members, which is absolutely fine. You will never be pressured by any of those annoying up sells which feature in many of the other programs which are out there.

You Can Earn While You Learn With Wealthy AffiliateEarn While You Learn With Wealthy Affiliate

In the early days, while you are building you sites and waiting for you content to rank in the search engines and generate affiliate commissions, there are ways to use the knowledge and skill you will have built up to that point to generate a decent offline income. Here are a few ways you could do it:

  • Become a freelance writer
  • Build and manage websites for local small businesses.
  • Advise local businesses on SEO, social media marketing, analytics, etc.

And that’s but a few. You will have the advantage here over other webmasters working for local businesses. Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t just teach you the techie stuff, it teaches you marketing – how to write content that sells stuff and earns you and you clients money. It is a platform built by marketers for marketers.

And Finally….

3 Simple Rules For SuccessWell, I went on a bit longer than I expected to there, folks, but there is so much exciting stuff going on here at Wealthy Affiliate that I just got a little carried away! Wealthy Affiliate is without a shadow of a doubt the most innovative, forward thinking, cost-effective and inclusive online marketing training and business building platform out there.

You can do you due diligence and check it out for free and that is what I recommend you do before you part with any of you hard earned money.

Should you wish to upgrade to Premium at any time, you will have access to all of this at less than $1 a day if you pay yearly, and I have absolutely no problem in sticking my neck out and saying what amazing, outstanding value that is.

So to wrap up, thank you once again for visiting my site and taking the time to read this review which I hope you found both informative and inspirational. If you have read all the way to the end, you have proved that you have the to create the profound and positive change in you life that Wealthy Affiliate allows you to do.

Please, if you have any questions at all or if you think of something you feel I may not have covered here, do not hesitate to pop them below and I will do my best to come back to you within 24 hours. I would also love to get some feedback from any current or former members of Wealthy Affiliate who may be reading this.

Instead of just taking my word for it, why not try taking a peek inside at what other Members are saying!

I look forward to welcoming you on board.

Your friend and mentor




Richard Brennan


  1. Richard, thank you for your valuable and insightful review of Wealthy Affiliate. I too am a member and started out with their free membership and then went premium because it is WELL worth it. I did the training and built my own websites with the step by step instructions as a newbie. Do you feel that the WA platform is the best affiliate marketing platform in the world for training? I know I do and I could not do with out it for building my online empire. I would encourage anyone that visits your website to at least get started with the free starter membership and go premium when you can. May God bless your business efforts.

    • Hi Randall
      I’ve been in a number of online marketing training programmes like MLSP, Carbon Copy Pro, and the now defunct Empower Network. None of them come close to Wealthy Affiliate. The issues I had with other programmes were: constant upsells, corporate having direct access to your list if you had people under you that they would then market their own stuff to and bypassing you in the process and with Empower they owned your blogs. If you left Empower, you lost your online presence. People can build websites with Wealthy Affiliate and they own them. I wish I’d found Wealthy Affiliate years ago and I can’t see myself ever leaving. Even once the training courses are completed there’s a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in the Community that people are happy to share and the website packages we get – hosting, site speed, SSL, 24/7 support, etc, are unsurpassed anywhere else. Thanks for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it. Wishing you much success with your online business too.

  2. I found your review of Wealthy Affiliate very comprehensive. You gave a historical perspective that I liked. The proof that this wasn’t a scam using the free starter program was perfect. 

    When you said that even the founders think there is room for improvement, that builds trust in my opinion. I think that Wealthy Affiliate is such an amazing system. I wish I had found it years ago. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to build a business if they are willing to take the training seriously and do the work. 

    Using the comparison hosting table showed the value that is provided here.

    I assume the profile pic is of you and your family? That was a great touch as it gave your narrative a personal feeling  

    All in all I liked what you had to say. 

  3. I found your review of Wealthy Affiliate very comprehensive. You gave a historical perspective that I liked. The proof that this wasn’t a scam using the free starter program was perfect. 

    When you said that even the founders think there is room for improvement, that builds trust in my opinion. I think that Wealthy Affiliate is such an amazing system. I wish I had found it years ago. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to build a business if they are willing to take the training seriously and do the work. 

    Using the comparison hosting table showed the value that is provided here.

    I assume the profile pic is of you and your family? That was a great touch as it gave your narrative a personal feeling  

    All in all I liked what you had to say. 

    • Hi Edwin

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I’m glad you found the review informative as I’m one of the people who tends to think ‘Did I miss something out?’. I think the Free Membership option is a great feature of the programme but likewise, with so much on offer at Premium level at a price of less than a dollar a day, there’s a tremendous incentive to upgrade and take full advantage of all that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. 

      Yes the profile picture is of my family – my Wife and our two Sons. I like to mix the informal ‘human’ touch with a more formal look as with my ‘professional capacity’ here as the Site owner.



  4. Wealthy Affiliate (in my opinion) gives a lot of value for what they charge members. But I do think some people join with the expectations that they will earn a ton of money fast. But WA seems to be much more focused on actually teaching people how to build online businesses, which does take time to work. I think people that stick with the training and are consistent with publishing stand the best chance of succeeding. 

    • I totally agree with you, Nate. 

      Kyle and Carson make no bones about Wealthy Affiliate not being some ‘get rich quick’ scheme, and when I first looked into it that’s what made it so trustworthy in my eyes, having been suckered into some other programmes in my early days which had focussed my naïve attention on the ‘end result’ rather than what you have to do to get there. Shiny Object Syndrome can be very seductive, but there’s none of that here. I prefer the ‘warts and all’ up front approach and Wealthy Affiliate is very honest on that score. Whatever you so desire is certainly available and attainable, but you have to do the work before it comes. 



  5. Wealthy affiliate is a nice platform to be on, the training is great, and the tools that you’re given to start and run a few websites are definitely worth the price. Especially when compared to other platforms online.

    The fact that WA has a community here is a plus too. You can always ask questions about anything ans someone will respond with an answer, that’s how it should be.

    • You’re absolutely right, Ty, and thanks especially for mentioning the amazing Community of our fellow members we have here to support us, over and above the great service and support we get from ‘corporate’. I’ve never seen a programme anywhere where people are willing to share their own experiences and where experience Members are prepared to offer help and advice and even produce their own trainings on solutions to situations they encountered when they first started out. We’ve all started the same way here – from scratch – and whatever problem you may encounter, there will be someone else who has encountered it also who will talk you through it, without any direct reward for them. It’s a real ‘pay it forward’ spirit here and is Wealthy Affiliate’s greatest asset IMHO.



  6. Greetings Richard, You ask the Question, “Is Wealthy Affiliate the biggest scam online or your ticket to financial freedom?” Then proceeded to answer your question thoroughly! Well Done!

    As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I am proud to say this was one of the best decisions I ever made! I agree with your statements and conclusions, especially concerning the WA Community mentoring each other. This program is fantastic and so important for the growth of the new members!

    The Premium Membership fee is more than covered in value by products and services given, the one that amazes me is the Free Hosting for All of my Websites!

    I am thrilled to comment and endorse your article on Wealthy Affiliate for I am a long-standing member and the Value is well-worth the Premium Fee!
    God Bless and Good Luck!
    Janice 2019 🤗🌷

    • Thank you so much, Janice. Likewise for me, it’s by far and away the best marketing training programme I’ve been involved in and you make a very pertinent point about the VALUE of the Premium membership in relation to it’s cost. What we get here is staggering, not just in terms of the training itself, but the website hosting with everything such as SSL, tech support, site speed, back ups, etc, as standard at a fraction of the cost of any other provider of these services. Thanks for taking the time to comment and I look forward to following your success here at Wealthy Affiliate.



  7. This is such an in depth and insightful review on Wealthy Affiliate. I would like to pick on the point of Members who quit afer only a few months without results.

    These people never really gave themselves any chance to succeed. as they saw this as an overnight process which it is not. It requires dedication and the drive to keep pushing. There are so many success stories on how Wealthy Affiliate has changed peoples lives and I do not think it would stop in the foreseeable future. 

    The amount of help and training you get is the best out there.

    • I totally agree with you on that point, and it’s all too common throughout the affiliate and network marketing industries, not just here at Wealthy Affiliate. I think the low cost of programmes such as Wealthy Affiliate can have the unintended effect of diminishing it’s value in people’s perception. If people put 50k into a franchise they’d sure as hell do whatever the felt the needed to do to make it succeed, but when it’s less than a dollar a day then there isn’t that dread fear of failure to contend with, even though Wealthy Affiliate has got to be far easier and far more lucrative than working a franchise.



  8. It really does make a change to find something with a free entrance point, that caters for someone like me, who has very little knowledge on blogging but wants to learn more. 

    I am wondering though – how in-depth does the free training go? Will this be enough by itself to get me off and running with blogging and making money through the process?

    Also, will I need any additional tools?

    • Hi Chris

      Thanks for stopping by.

      The Free membership gives you access to the Phase 1 of both of the training courses here at Wealthy Affiliate – the Online Entrepreneur Certification (5 phases, each of 10 modules) and the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp (7 phases, each of 10 modules) and it will give you access to 2 out of the 12 member classrooms.

      You can make money as a free member, certainly, especially if you go down the ‘Bootcamp’ route which is geared specifically to promoting Wealthy Affiliate. Free members earn around 25% commission on anyone theyintroduce who upgrades to Premium, without having to upgrade to Premium themselves and I don’t know of any other program that does that. 

      This is a great foundation, but for anyone who is serious about building an online affiliate marketing business and generating a full time passive income, I would say the Premium Membership is a must, even though it is not mandatory. The free membership is not time limited.

      Premium gives you so much more and just over a dollar a day I’d say it was the best investment anyone can make in themselves and their financial future.

      There’s far too much to explain here about the differences between the Free and Premium Membership packages, but if you take a look at my full Wealthy Affiliate review here on this site, it’ll give you all the info you need. 

      Here’s the link to it. Check it out and see what you think.


  9. Affiliate marketing is really something with a lot of potential for those willing to put in the necessary time, effort, and consistency to get themselves properly involved in it. 

    Many people are afraid to begin, in large part because they think that there is too much competition, so even though this is a huge business, I think there will always be enough to go round.

    The thing about Wealthy Affilliate is that it brings everything you need together in an honest and transparent way without making you ever feel suspicious about them and the no-limits free membership proves that they’re legit. 

    This is especially necessary and relevant for absolute beginners who need someone to help them get their journey started. 

    What I like most is that they are real people whom you can actually interact and communicate with. Let alone the whole “we’re all in this together”- social media platform they have.

    • You’re absolutely right, Faheem.

      I’d already been in the online marketing world for a while before I found Wealthy Affiliate and I still went for the free membership at first, just to make sure.

      I’d fallen prey to a couple of scams that looked really good on the surface and even some of the legit programs I’d joined weren’t as good as they first appeared. 

      Wealthy Affiliate has all we need in one place to help us start, establish and grow an online business, but apart from what the corporate team do, there is the Community of our fellow members who all started out as beginners who are ready and willing to share their experiences to help those who encounter the same challenges as they once did.

      There’s nothing else like it out there to my knowledge.

  10. I learned some new things about WA from this article but the reminder that one can begin WA for free stood out for me. The truth is that before I had completed my free trial I had signed up for premium. More so it was made increasingly attractive with the $19 sign up offer. I would recommend WA to anyone no matter at what stage you are in your marketing journey. 

    • I initially joined for free too, Russell, and like you, I upgraded to Premium in my first 7 days to take advantage of the half-price first month Premium membership (the $19 you mention). I upgraded to annual membership in my first month also, which saves me almost half the my membership cost every single year.

      Free membership is a great way to get entry level training and establish the foundation of an online business and the fact that it’s open ended without a time limit is great. 

      Free Members can also earn commissions for introducing people into Wealthy Affiliate too! They get 50% of the commission that a Premium member would get which I think is outstanding and, to my knowledge, not replicated in any other program.

  11. I do agree with your article that Wealthy Affiliate is a great program that not only guides beginners through a systematic training program, it also allows them to study at their own pace without the feeling of being pressured.

    What I love most about Wealthy Affiliate is that it is built with a community of like minded people who are willing to offer help and advice to each others almost instantly through the Live Chat forum. 

    While everyone’s progress differs, what is important when joining a new program is that you want to feel that there is support there you need it.

    Thank you for the well written article.

    • I agree it’s great that people who join Wealthy Affiliate can do the training at their own pace, but there is a bit of a caveat to that too. People still need to set definite goals for completing the modules and for applying what they’ve learned. The search engines like at least 2 articles per week on a website for that site to gain trust and start to rank. Only then will it start to generate sales and earn the website owner money.

      The annual Super Affiliate challenge gives members that accountability and it’s good fun as well – the more you do, the more you actually want to do, especially when the commissions start coming in!

      You hit the nail on the head with what you say about the instant availability of support. Every legitimate program has corporate support via a ticket system but it can take time (often up to 48 hours) to get a response. With Wealthy Affiliate, the support also comes from within the membership. With the live chat facility you can have any question you ask answered within minutes any time of day or night by someone who’s experienced the same issue as you.

  12. Having Joined Wealthy Affiliate early this year I can contest that if I can build a website from following their training and support then so can anyone. Richard your review is detailed and inspiring for anyone who is looking and researching an online platform to help them build their business. Everything one needs to know is right here in this review. 

    Thank you


    • Hi Louise

      It’s always great to hear from a fellow member of Wealthy Affiliate as it backs up what the review says. 

      I can certainly identify with your ‘if I can do it, anyone can’ comment. I’m middle-aged and not of the internet generation. I’m about as technophobic and as ‘fat fingered’ as you can get but the step by step training here is so simple to follow and the help and support from our fellow members in the Community over and above what the programme gives us is second to none anywhere in the online marketing training sphere.

      Wishing you well with your business and I look forward to following your success!

  13. I been searching for a work from home business and its not easy as there are a lot of scams out there.

    I checked out Wealthy Affiliate and was still sceptical at first because of getting scammed in the past, but hey, now I’m a Premium Member!

    There’s a lot to learn and I’m still learning but the training and support are excellent.

    There’s some great info in your Wealthy Affiliate review which will help people decide if it’s right for them or not. Hope you write more reviews!

  14. I had been searching for a work from home opportunity for some time and its not easy to separate the legitimate ones from the many scams out there. 

    I read about Wealthy Affiliate and checked if it is legit and was still sceptical for a while as I’d been scammed before and didn’t want to it to happen again. 

    Here I am now as a Premium Member. I’ve learned a lot of things and I am still learning! 

    You’ve put a lot of thought into your Wealthy Affiliate review which will help people make an informed decision. Hope you write more Reviews!

    • Thanks, Mathessa.

      I will certainly be writing many more reviews. I’ve been scammed in the past as well and even if people visiting this website don’t join me in Wealthy Affiliate, I’ll be very happy if I’ve managed to help them avoid some of the very nicely dressed up scams out there.

      I’m glad you’re on board as a Premium Member. Did you join at Premium level or did you take advantage of the Free Membership at first? That’s the great part of the Wealthy Affiliate programme. ‘Try before you buy’ with no time limit and none of those annoying upsells that you get in other programmes.

      Thanks for stopping by to comment.

  15. Wealthy Affiliate is indeed a great platform for beginners and advanced affiliate marketers alike. It’s a platform intended for people who want to learn affiliate marketing at every level – basic (Free membership) or advanced (Premium membership). 

    The industry isn’t as complex as it may appear, but it requires learning through a series of structured training to ensure 100% understanding. 

    Passive income is a desire, a dream, but it only becomes a reality once the work has been done and that’s what many people don’t understand. 

    Yet, there’s nothing comparable to the Wealthy Affiliate system which connects the beginner to the advanced members with a vast experience of affiliate marketing who are more than happy to share their knowledge and help people. 

    Thus, among the communities I joined over the years, I’ve never been so satisfied with anything as I am with Wealthy Affiliate.

    • You’re absolutely right, Mecyll.

      Every Pro was once an amateur. My two Sons do martial arts and their Tutor gave them a great little pearl of wisdom ‘A Black Belt is simply a White Belt who refused to give up’. and that analogy can be equally applied to the world of Affiliate Marketing.

      Money does not come in over night. It take a good few months to generate a decent part time income if you’ve started from scratch, a couple of years to generate a good full time income which can replace that from your job and, for most people who stick at it and work it hard, 3 – 5 years to start earning the big bucks. 

      But at the end of the day, it’s not the SIZE of the income that matters, it’s the TYPE of income that this industry provides – 24/7 passive, residual income that will come in through repeat sales from a well built website once it has earned the recognition and respect of the search engines through providing quality content and offering people solutions to problems which they go on the internet to find the answers for.

      Wealthy Affiliate gives it’s members all the training, support and resources to achieve that.

  16. Hi Richard!

    Very nice Wealthy Affiliate review. 

    I am glad you emphasized all the benefits of this tremendous program. It is definitely not a scam. Moreover, it is a reference place online when speaking about affiliate marketing and affiliation in general.

    I enjoy the engagement on a daily basis available on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. The support is outstanding and with WA literally, anyone can learn affiliate marketing, in any niche desired. 

    Thanks for sharing this review – I like it a lot!

    Wish you success, best regards,


    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Igor.

      A common theme among Wealthy Affiliate members is how much they like the member Community, and how valuable it is as a resource for knowledge and help in addition to the great support that we get from the corporate side of Wealthy Affiliate. 

      There’s nothing worse than getting stuck on something and having nobody to ask for help.

      All legit programs have a support desk but they are usually restricted to technical issues and can take up to 48 hours to respond to queries. 

      Here at Wealthy Affiliate, we can get an answer to our questions at any time of day or night in the 24/7 live chat forum, from our fellow members who have experienced the very same issue themselves.

  17. Richard, excellent Wealthy Affiliate review. I have been searching for years for the answer to the question “How can I earn money online?” I can honestly say Wealthy Affiliate is the answer to that question.

    The education, hosting, research tool, live training and support is superior to all competitors.

    Compared to the hundreds of other training programs and Internet Marketing Gurus, Wealthy Affiliate wins hands down. Wealthy Affiliate is a great value at $49 per month or $359 per year

    In the past I have been a member of other platforms which are priced at $99 per month/ $995 per year, provided inferior training and members had to purchase hosting from a hosting company in addition. One program even charges $2500 for their basic and has upsells adding up to over $10,000.

    I cannot over emphasises the great value of Wealthy Affiliate. 

    I wish I had found Wealthy Affiliate before I wasted thousands of dollars on those other programs.

    • I can definitely identify with everything you say here, Tom.

      I’d been involved in a few other programs before I found Wealthy Affiliate. Some of them turned out to be cleverly disguised scams which fooled even the most seasoned marketers such as my Sponsors whom I knew and trusted. 

      Even the legit ones I joined didn’t resonate with me as they didn’t offer anything like the all in one place package that Wealthy Affiliate does and yet were still vastly more expensive. I’d blown 5 figures in as many years before coming to Wealthy Affiliate and I can honestly say I’ve never looked back since I came here. 

      I’ve learned to give the ‘Gurus’ a wide berth – and the moguls, ninjas, samurais, rock stars, porn stars, etc!

      Always good to have what I write about verified by someone in the know, Tom. 

      Thanks for stopping by, mate, and may I wish you much success.

  18. Hi Richard, I’m also a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I’m from the Philippines and just recently, WA has opened the free membership to our country. Since then, I’ve been receiving questions from Filipino members about the free membership and the website they will have. Their question is, is it true that if a free member didn’t upgrade to premium membership in 6 months, his free site will be archived?

    Thanks in advance, and good job for creating this detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Hi Gomer

      The free membership of Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t come with a time limit and nobody has to upgrade to Premium ever, if they don’t wish to.

      The only time Wealthy Affiliate will archive a members website is if there is no content on it. 

      There are people who join Wealthy Affiliate, set up a website, and then do absolutely nothing. They never start the training and they never do anything with their website. 

      They don’t actually ‘leave’ Wealthy Affiliate, but their empty website takes up space on the Wealthy Affiliate servers, since WA also provide the website hosting. That is something that WA can’t allow, for obvious reasons.

  19. WA was the first platform that actually taught me how to make money online legitimately. 

    It hasn’t made me rich yet, but I’ve learned so many new skills that I would otherwise not have learned in my current job. 

    The Community opens my mind to many opportunities and business making ideas. I am currently earning about $100 per month, pushing as much content as I can and constantly tweaking my blog for success. 

    • That’s great, Cathy!

      Wealthy Affiliate is no ‘get rich quick’ scheme, but it certainly is possible to get rich by following and applying the excellent training here and of course, by following the successful people in the Community which is a great place for sounding out ideas and picking up words of wisdom from the more experienced members.

      There are many success stories of Wealthy Affiliate members going on to earn 6 figure incomes and they all started off with small commissions of 1, 2 and occasionally 3 figures.

      $100 or equivalent a month is great! It may not sound much but after the average family has paid all it’s monthly outgoings, that is pretty much what they are left with to spend on themselves if they’re lucky.

      So, anyone in that all too common situation who can bring in an extra 100 bucks a month is effectively doubling their available ‘lifestyle’ money. That’s powerful stuff and often over looked in amongst all the talk of big money and ‘millionaire lifestyles’ that we hear so much.

      Well done – onwards and upwards!

  20. I love your review about Wealthy Affiliate. 

    I have been here for over five years and can vouch for everything you say.

    The training is always up to date and relevant and the Owners are always striving to improve the service they give us. 

    This means that anytime you need to take a break for a while, you can come back when you’re ready and pick up where you left off and you are always made to feel welcome!

    • Glad you’ve had such a positive experience at Wealthy Affiliate, Dianne.

      ‘Stuff of life’ can often get in the way and it’s great that we have a training system that allows us to work at our own pace and take time out when we need to.

      I’ve had to do this on occasion and I always go back over everything I’ve done to see if anything has changed. Wealthy Affiliate training is not only up to date, I would say it is very much ahead of the game in many respects.

      Wishing you much success with your online business.

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